Frquently Asked Questions

Why should my business have anything to do with technology?


The trends of job market and technological advancements have nudged most of the companies and business, of small and big size, to find technological solutions. Technology is here to help us. We must not wait it out until its too late. Your passions can survive the test of time and outlive the current technological tsunami of automation. So jump on board already!

How can we trust machines and decisions?


We are here to help keep an audit to machines' decisions. With more and more complex systems being designed, machines are taking over tasks which involve decision-making. We at FeelAI are working day and night to ensure machines make smart and responsible decisions. Our answer is FeelAI, moral machines.

What is FeelAI?


Our company works with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We know that machines can be trained to make decisions. But they must be able to feel if the decision is right or wrong. At FeelAI, we hope to design our machines to feel if the decision is moral or not.