Vision @ FeelAI




The vision of FeelAI encompasses United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for  Sustainable Development. It recognizes the responsibilities of AI  designers and developers in leading the world to a safer, just and  productive society at all levels. 

The core of the vision of FeelAI is a  blueprint for sustainable goals, some of which are: 

  • Life on Land and below water: Promote, protect and restore the ecosystem. 
  • Sustainable cities and communities: “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, save, resilient and sustainable” 
  • Climate action: Combat climate deterioration by regulating emissions. 
  • Promote renewable energy: Invest in affordable and reusable environment friendly energy resources 
  • Poverty: “End poverty in all its forms everywhere” 
  • Gender equality: Equal pay for equal work. Empower women and girls. 
  • Peace, justice and writ of law: Promote peaceful, just and safe societies for everyone from all backgrounds. 
  • Clean water and sanitation: Manage resources and sanitation for all


Integration of AI into the fabric of life for Peace and Prosperity of People and the Planet.