Current Projects and Upcoming Events

Ethical Machines


  1. Ethical Machines: This is a research based project focused on finding a way to Certify whether a machine is reliable enough to make ethical decisions by making it more transparent and predictable. The approach is designed for 

  • Algorithm Analysis
  • Black Box study
  • Deep Learning Analytics
  • Ethics and Origin
  • Ethics Modeling for Machines.

This project is in its initial stages. The domains that fall under the umbrella of Ethical Machines are under research and discussion. Join us and be a part of this exciting project!

Gender Equality and AI


  1. Gender Equality and AI: The advent of AI necessitates adapting to AI by changing the  way we behave. AI is trained by humans- men, especially since only 28% of women (2018) are in STEM related fields. The human bias gets ingrained in the fabric of a machine design and training. For a male dominated field, that ultimately warns an integrated male bias. 

  • At FeelAI we are working out the  research framework for ensuring that the machines are not biased- especially at the cost of gender inequality. 

If gender equality is an issue you are concerned with, contact us today and share your concern/ idea with FeelAI, or even better- hop in the project!

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